Saturday, February 26, 2011

People Come, People Go

Sunrise on the way to the Farmers Market

A busy season here at the home front is coming to a close.  Since my son Asa was born early November I believe I've only had one week of just us here by ourselves.  Us is my husband, 2 sons and I.  We've had a constant stream of company and live-in visitors... tomorrow my in-laws leave to go back to PA.  I've gotten so used to the company, the help, the shared meals... it's a bit heart breaking to be alone now.  Soon the nursery will pick up and we'll be shuffling off every weekend to a plant sale or farmers market... that's my favorite part about the early spring season.  I love dealing with the public in a professional manner.  I love helping my husband load and unload the plants, set them up in an artistic display, help customers find that perfect addition for their yard... seriously though, I don't care if I'm shoveling chicken poop all day, sometimes I just need some "me" time away from the kids.  Markets and plant sales are a great excuse to get a babysitter.  I'm fluent in 2 year old... ready for a slightly more challenging convo.  I wish spring would hurry up and get here... plus, no one knows for sure if you've spiked your O.J.  I haven't actually done that- yet.  Momma needs a break, folks.  

Our typical Farmers Market set up.  You can't beat the early morning vendor scene... fresh coffee and first choice of pastries / veggies.  It's the new "date night"  ... morning... whatever.

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