Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Springtime Will Kill You.

We live on a busy road for the country, run a native plant nursery and dabble in farming
on the side.  It's time to order some new chickens.  Last summer the neighboor dog slaughtered about 12 of our gals.  I call that dog "shit dog" because his favorite spots to shit happen to be the path to my car, mailbox, or garden.  He's inspiring me to learn to use a gun.  Don't tell PETA.

Garden Spot behind the barn
 My husband spent the early hours of last night tilling the garden and former goat/mini horse pasture.  It's so exciting seeing the rich soil turned to the surface.  We always have the best intentions of growing food and maintaining our garden, but between the business and our two sons, it becomes a lesser priority.  NOT this year though!  but yeah, probably this year too.... we'll just have to see.  I'm hoping to get the seedlings started and  under grow lights by the end of this week.

So much happened this winter!  Very social last couple of months.  My son Asa was born early November, right after that a good friend of mine and her boyfriend, sheep herders from France, came to stay with us.  What was originally going to be "a week, two tops" became 2 1/2 months of crash course commune style chaos.  Not sure if  you could even call it communal living because my husband and I provided the food and shelter for most of the duration... after about 3 attempts of kicking them off the farm, and too many heated discussions about fairness and blah blah blah... they left one morning while we slept.  I think I might have a little post traumatic stress from that whole experience.  Hope our relationship recovers eventually... and if it doesn't, whatever.

Jonah watching the construction of his play yard

My in-laws are also here for an extended visit.  Lucky for me, my in-laws are pretty amazing and a tornado of helpfulness.  They have started the construction of a fenced in yard and playground for my sons, Jonah and little Ace.  Jonah just turned 2 and his greatest joy in all the world revolves around tractors and dump trucks.  Just a sweet little farm boy who throughouly understands the power of "NO".  

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  1. thank you for stopping by my blog! i love your post..and you have 2 boys as well!! we always talked about being farmers..wished we lived somewhere with vast land =) can't wait to read more..xoxo