Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Found Peace in the Kitchen Sink and other ho-hum Adventures

I just washed a huge pile of dishes but can hardly account for my time there.  I did a damn good job on the whole kitchen in fact, but can barely remember doing a thing.  Cleaning has become my "momma time".  I just zone out.  Pretty convenient way to unwind, but geeeez... my previous "me" time, b.c. (before children) was so much more creative!  I would paint for hours or write music and play the uke or guitar, well I was stoned for most of my 20's...  Now I clean.  Big fat WTF.  I suppose we are animals, constantly evolving to our new environments.  Now if Darwin would get off his lazy butt and mop the floors.... soo, this has been about 8 minutes of blogging, Asa is up demanding his boobies.  Also, before I go to the milking stall, got my first case of poison ivy for the year!  Hello Spring!

the best car I've EVER had.  EVER.

back before digital cameras were affordable... hitching somewhere in BC


  1. So glad you found us, cuz your blog is frikiin fun! Loving it!

  2. hilarious! i totally know what you has def changed since kids!