Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morel of the story...

Waiting for the morels to pop!  We've had some good luck with them on the property in the past.  I make a pretty mean egg dish with morels, cutleaf coneflower, garlic... so yummy, makes a lovely breakfast.  Speaking of breakfast-  This morning Jonah was talking to me through his curious george monkey.  "Momma! Meeeeeilk (milk)" -monkey.  Then monkey insisted that I breastfeed him like Asa.  So there I am, Asa in the ergo, flipping pancakes and pretending to nurse my sons stuffed animal... for like 10mins.  The things we do to keep the peace. 

Hopefully I'll have time to hike the property with the kids and search for early mushrooms in the back holler.  One baby on my back in a hiker pack, one on the front in the ergo... It's time to harvest some dandelion root while i'm out there... I'd better make a to-do list.

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