Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Soooo... not crazy, well probably a little, but that could also be interpreted as personality.  Turns out my adrenals are super taxed.  I'm in a fixed state of fight or flight.  Try being amped up all the time, no really don't, it's not fun.  I'm on an adrenal support formula, see how it goes.  Not feeling the extreme lows lately, hoping it was just a bad week. 

Mushroom... keep your secrets to yourself.
Got about 1/4 or the small garden planted.  We're doing it in spurts.  Still need to lay out the seeds in the flats under the grow lights.  Went grocery shopping, everything is soooo expensive!  I've decided to do more wild foraging to lower the food bill.  Chickweed is on the menu!  Got some mustards... more dandelion... wild onions... who's with me??? yeah? no? 

Also, I'm smack dab in the middle of my saturn return.  Lameo.  Can't hide from saturn... not even out here in the middle of nowheresville.  Just me and Beth Orton, Hey Rosetta!, and... really, just us.  Winning... just like Charlie.

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