Friday, March 18, 2011

Yellow Truck Man, Preparing for 2012

There is this old man (maybe 80) who drives a truck of a teenage boy.  Bright yellow little piece of shit with two black stripes down the center.  He spins his tires in front of my house, deliberately drives fast right next to me and my sons as we are walking along the road.  Now he's driving down our driveway or he'll pull up to the house and spin his tires in the gravel then pull off only to come back and do the same thing 3 or 4 more times.   We live out in the COUNTRY.  The "law" doesn't come when you call.  It's a lawless part of the state.  People will burn down your house if they don't like you for whatever reason.  I know I'm sounding pretty dramatic, I am dramatic, but it's the truth.  About 3 times a month, I lock my doors, close the curtains and peer out the windows waiting for some creep to move along.  One time I was walking with Jonah up to the house from the fields to find a guy shooting his gun right in my direction, right on our property! Just shooting away. I called the police, but they wouldn't do anything but send an officer out to take my statement.   I think about what life will be like if 2012 does happen.  I think about the logistics of surviving a fallen social society.  I figure I'll have to make alliances with the neighbors... work out a trade system... and guns.  Lots of them.  ... and cocoa powder, a girl needs to have her chocolate. I hope we can avoid a "Lord of the Flies" scenario... really don't want to be Piggy... We don't have cable.  Just an old TV and a netflix subscription... I need to catch up on survivor and hatch out my survival plan.  We've got all the foxfire books,  and some homesteading books too.  It's a full moon tonight. 

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  1. omfg! i cannot imagine how crazy scary that is..stay safe =)