Saturday, February 26, 2011

People Come, People Go

Sunrise on the way to the Farmers Market

A busy season here at the home front is coming to a close.  Since my son Asa was born early November I believe I've only had one week of just us here by ourselves.  Us is my husband, 2 sons and I.  We've had a constant stream of company and live-in visitors... tomorrow my in-laws leave to go back to PA.  I've gotten so used to the company, the help, the shared meals... it's a bit heart breaking to be alone now.  Soon the nursery will pick up and we'll be shuffling off every weekend to a plant sale or farmers market... that's my favorite part about the early spring season.  I love dealing with the public in a professional manner.  I love helping my husband load and unload the plants, set them up in an artistic display, help customers find that perfect addition for their yard... seriously though, I don't care if I'm shoveling chicken poop all day, sometimes I just need some "me" time away from the kids.  Markets and plant sales are a great excuse to get a babysitter.  I'm fluent in 2 year old... ready for a slightly more challenging convo.  I wish spring would hurry up and get here... plus, no one knows for sure if you've spiked your O.J.  I haven't actually done that- yet.  Momma needs a break, folks.  

Our typical Farmers Market set up.  You can't beat the early morning vendor scene... fresh coffee and first choice of pastries / veggies.  It's the new "date night"  ... morning... whatever.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here Lately

This is inside the cabin down the holler.   Asa is asleep outside in the stroller.  Perfect place to seek shelter from the rain. 

Our best family picture... this one might make it to an actual frame someday.

So difficult to get a picture of us four.  I seem to always be blinking, or have my hair in my face.  This is close enough.  We're in the barn loft, my first official residence on the farm before hitching the bossman.  Now this shanty-chic space is prime for guest overflow and the occasional intern.  My favorite spot to share a bottle of wine during a sunset or coffee as we watch the sun spill over the hill tops.  Our holler is dark in the winter until about 9:30 or 10:00AM.

The unfinished cabin I'm so desprately wanting to move into.  It's really only big enough for one person, maybe two, but I'm willing to move the whole brood into the 450 sq. ft. space.  What do you think of the stove pipe coming out of the door frame?  She's a beauty.  A nice sunny spot in the front, great for a garden.  A spring just down the lane and a small pond with an occassional heron fishing the few fish who call it home.  This was the latest spot for our French shepard friends.  As much as they drove me crazy, I miss them.

Our sweet lil' country castle.  I wish Asa was in this picture.  As you might have guessed, we heat with wood.  This is a typical scene for us in the colder months.  We just cut down some large box elders in the front so we could construct the playground/ fenced in yard for the boys.  What a wonderful morning for a photo shoot. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ink and Paint

This is my most recent style: ink and some editing on paint software.  I love her.

Farm Spirits

While pregnant with Ace.  The spark of life does not begin with the obvious, it's a decision from a lifetime before.


Some Buddies-o-mine


Astral body Saint

more from the archives.  she's peaceful.

If I wasn't me, I'd be her.

Bear Guy

Springtime Will Kill You.

We live on a busy road for the country, run a native plant nursery and dabble in farming
on the side.  It's time to order some new chickens.  Last summer the neighboor dog slaughtered about 12 of our gals.  I call that dog "shit dog" because his favorite spots to shit happen to be the path to my car, mailbox, or garden.  He's inspiring me to learn to use a gun.  Don't tell PETA.

Garden Spot behind the barn
 My husband spent the early hours of last night tilling the garden and former goat/mini horse pasture.  It's so exciting seeing the rich soil turned to the surface.  We always have the best intentions of growing food and maintaining our garden, but between the business and our two sons, it becomes a lesser priority.  NOT this year though!  but yeah, probably this year too.... we'll just have to see.  I'm hoping to get the seedlings started and  under grow lights by the end of this week.

So much happened this winter!  Very social last couple of months.  My son Asa was born early November, right after that a good friend of mine and her boyfriend, sheep herders from France, came to stay with us.  What was originally going to be "a week, two tops" became 2 1/2 months of crash course commune style chaos.  Not sure if  you could even call it communal living because my husband and I provided the food and shelter for most of the duration... after about 3 attempts of kicking them off the farm, and too many heated discussions about fairness and blah blah blah... they left one morning while we slept.  I think I might have a little post traumatic stress from that whole experience.  Hope our relationship recovers eventually... and if it doesn't, whatever.

Jonah watching the construction of his play yard

My in-laws are also here for an extended visit.  Lucky for me, my in-laws are pretty amazing and a tornado of helpfulness.  They have started the construction of a fenced in yard and playground for my sons, Jonah and little Ace.  Jonah just turned 2 and his greatest joy in all the world revolves around tractors and dump trucks.  Just a sweet little farm boy who throughouly understands the power of "NO".