Monday, September 5, 2011

like taking off a tight shoe.

Wow.  It's as though I've been in a dream that I couldn't wake up from for the last 6 months.  Haven't been myself, forgot what "myself" was like.  I've been struggling with post partum depression but didn't really know it until my husband made me go see someone.  I wasn't really sad, just tired and angry.  Life is getting better.  I've had 2 really great weeks and today, it finally rained!  We haven't had rain in over a month.  The trees went into early fall mode, which is a real pisser because fall is my favorite season.  We're expected to get about 10 -13 inches of rain!  I've been sleeping on our back porch that opens up to the mountains and holler.  It's a nice cool sleep with minimal comforts but exactly what I've been craving.  Every morning around 7:00, Jonah comes to my tent and wakes me up.  He gets a real kick out of me sleeping on the porch in a tent.  The rain has been coming down hard for hours.  I woke up to the rain hitting the tin roof, a distinctive country song that I'm grateful to hear.  The heat has broken and I welcome this cooler time with open arms.  I finally broke down and bought a pair of frye harness boots in tan.  The true mark of the fall season for me.  Next it's leggings and dresses and wine by the fire pit under the wedding tree.  Depression... well, it sucks.  But I have to say it's been my artistic muse for the longest time.  This low period has been a semi - productive time for my creative process.  I've got a few pieces that I've been working on for a local craft show.  Moving on to functional furniture pieces with a cuban / island color scheme.  I'll post pictures soon.  Hope it's cooling off where ya'll are.  I won't be spell checking this, so don't judge me on my crappy grammar.  thanks :)