Thursday, January 19, 2012

In-laws have arrived!

The in-laws got here last week.  Moved into their modest little pull behind trailer and set up shop in the field between the two barns.  I'm actually pretty excited about it all!  We had dinner at their place, put the boys in the ergo and backpack, made some coleslaw, brought our bags of frozen peas and ventured out to their place in the pitch black cold winter night.  (fuck commas.)  Little moments like these remind me of how much I love my life and I'm sure to inform my kids on just how lucky they actually are to be living like we do... which is a serious break down for an almost 3 yr old and a 1 yr old... but I state my case regardless, to the bitter end, defining, explaining... until Jonah is satisfied with every answer and the question "why" has no where left to go.  Pretty much my parenting style these days.  Over explain, and do it in depth. 

Hmm... another thing about parenting style:  somehow, when my super Momma defenses were down, I've encouraged what I call "pootie" humor to a degree that would make a Jim Carey film look like a conservative southern baptist studying a Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior (it's a real book. look it up).  I didn't realize how out of  hand my kids have gotten with their desire to laugh at bodily functions, like farts.  My 1 year old farted all night in the trailer and belly laughed at length every time... in turn, reinforcing my own lack of etiquette for teaching them that farts are hilarious.  Try not laughing when a little kid farts.  It's pretty funny.

I've been looking at our latest and greatest heirloom seed catalog and am already projecting into my future spring/summer garden.  Living in the now is for yogis.  Country life in the winter is so quiet and cozy and mostly boring that I often live in the future or the past until the weather is nice enough to fully appriciate the present or a little moment like walking with my family at night catches me off guard.

Tomorrow is another big, fat, possibility filled day... good thoughts and laughs... even if it's "pootie" humor.   

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