Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Dawn, A New Day

2011, go fuck yourself.  2012, don't let me down...

Well.  What a tough year we had... starting out of the gate, with postpartum depression, guests that wouldn't leave... in the summer we had a little case of bedbugs, and to top it off, 3 mother-fucking-cases-of-lice.  THREE.  And so, I cut my hair really short.  2011, I'mma gonna punch you in the face.

On the brighter side... I had an art show!  It was something that has been on my to-do list for quite a while.  I've been focusing on making my herbal salves and medicines.  It makes me feel useful and purposeful to help people heal. 

My in-laws are moving to the homestead.  Building a house in the valley down the way and living in the house of our former *sex offender!* tenant.  So, while I'm ecstatic to see that s.o.b. go, It's still a little nerve racking to have the in-laws here, permanently.  Forever.  Sigh. 

Our chickens have completely been picked off.  Henny Penny was snatched from the coop a week after my brother had his wedding here on the farm.   We miss that little bird.  She became the farm mascot for a while and we looked to her as a pet instead of a potential meal.  We will be upping our livestock with the arrival of my in-laws.  Getting a pig for summer slaughter, a milking cow eventually and a whole bunch of chickens for meat and eggs.  I've had my mind set on getting another dog too.  Something big and protective... and cuddly. 

I've made myself a "mom cave" in the side guest bedroom.  Painting the walls a pretty Robin egg blue.  It's become my ultimate hang out, with house plants galore, giant pipe cactus, sprouting window plants, my laptop, a comfy bed.  It's my other bedroom.  I love it. 

Asa is nursing only a couple of times a day and it's pretty heartbreaking!  He's almost 14 months old... he should still want the boobies!  Thinking of having another baby, but it's probably just my coping mechanism for this rejection that I'm feeling.  Little monkey.  Jonah is turning 3 at the end of the month... thinking of taking him horse back riding in the mountains... any suggestions? 

Hoping to get my master herbalist certificate in the next few years, then have weekend courses here on the farm where people can camp or stay in our cabin *that may never get finished*.... My sister in-law and I have also started a wedding/event center out of the old barn after the success of my brother's wedding.  No bites yet, but the potential is exciting.  That's about it.  Pictures to follow soon.

P.S. I am so in love with my husband.  I'm a lucky woman.

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