Monday, May 21, 2012

Placenta... to eat or not to eat

I've been reading about the benefits of eating the placenta after child birth, and I'm pretty much sold on it.  Mostly because of it's promise to ward off PPD, which I battled for a little over a year after Ace was born.  I found a woman in a near by town that dries and encapsulates the placenta right after delivery.  Pretty gross and hard to wrap my head around, but I'd do just about anything to not go through PPD again... Oh yeah, I'm pregnant again : ) We find out the sex of the baby in about 3 weeks. worth checking out if you've suffered PPD and don't want to go there again.  Fuck that place.

Apparently the placenta is comparable to beef liver... and if that's the case I know a mean barbecue beef liver dish served over rice... but I'll probably just stick with the pills.