Monday, July 1, 2013


Had a baby Nov. 9th, 2012, just 4 days after celebrating Asa's 2nd birthday! It was a fast labor.  3.5 hours in total. The coolest birth experience I've ever had.  It was at a birthing center like the other two, but this time I spent the majority of the time in the birthing tub during transition.  Through deep breaths and monk like chanting I felt little pain.  At one point I saw three people standing next to the tub through my peripheral.  They stood there watching and it gave me a sense that I was protected and safe.   Weird, huh? It was a boy, and I named him Callum.  I was covered in blood and waiting to deliver the placenta when my midwife handed me my son.  Feeling so overwhelmed with emotion and joy I began singing him a ridiculous song that my other boys are obsessed with by Barefoot Books called "Driving My Tractor"... YouTube it, it's so goofy.

Callum will be turning 7 months this June.  Most days I say to myself "what a perfect life" or "I love my husband" or maybe I'm grinning from ear to ear just enjoying a moment of reflection.  I'm living my dream and have been living it for a while, but finally I've slowed down enough to realize it and am at peace in my mind... such a different time from last year! This year feels like a time for creation and a new chapter. 

I'm always nervous stating such grand declarations because once there is a completion of sorts the honeymoon usually stops and I'm thrown into a new arena of life... fighting another wild beast of circumstance... but that shoe has yet to drop.

The farm is green as can be with all of the rain we've been getting lately. We've completed the Spring house mostly made from local stone and some stone that was rolled right out of our own holler.  Hopefully soon we'll reconnect the spring water to the house.  Until then we are drinking out of plastic milk jugs that we refill every week and 1/2 at a popular spring in a nearby town of one of the back roads.  It's an inconvenience that I actually don't mind.  I like a little bit of struggle in life.  I like when the power goes out and we have to rely on the fire pit for cooking or when we've had no water at all for bathing and spent the summer bathing in the creek and lake as a family.  These sort of things build character.  It's good to suffer sometimes, just a little.